The Expedition Digital Download

The Heart of a Warrior Expedition Digital Download

Has God moved… impacted your heart at a Zoweh event/retreat? Have you ever thought, “I would love to take this home and share with my family and friends?”

NOW YOU CAN! You are invited to grab a few men (or a few dozen) and journey together into The Heart of a Warrior Expedition Small Group Series.  This is the Digital Download version.  

Join author Michael Thompson and a few of his closest friends—Jay Stott, Blake Anderson and Jim Chenet—as they openly share from their lives and journeys the Good God is up to in their lives. Discover how God has been healing their hearts, loving them foundationally and training them up to become Warrior men after God’s own Heart.

The Heart of a Warrior Expedition Small Group Series Digital Download includes the following:

12 sessions (12 or 14 weeks)

You'll receive your download information within 24 hours.  If you do not receive it, email Support.  

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