When Jesus talked about healing (Matt. 13:15), he was speaking of something far more significant and weighty than mere physical conditions.

He was offering a standing invitation: “Check in for as many visits as you need to get well and as many as you need to stay well. The bill is paid. My insurance covers it. The care and attention are glorious, I promise! It is beyond anything in this world. And oh, what a difference it will make!”

If we will just take the courageous step of checking in to give our hearts over to Jesus’ intensive care unit and let him heal us, we can experience how good he truly is.

Will it hurt? Probably. But it’s like the boy Eustace who declares in the film version of C.S. Lewis’s Voyage of the Dawn Treader, just after Aslan transformed him from a dragon back to a boy,

No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t do it myself. Then He came towards me. It sort of hurt, but . . . it was a good pain. You know, like when you pull a thorn from your foot.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior. Learn more here.