Every man hears voices telling him who he is, what he is, and why he is the way he is. Few have taken the time to research their origins. Because the sources of the voices have not been searched out, perilous compromises are always at the door, inviting a man to fear, prove, or hide.

If a man never awakens to these inner voices, telling him his interpretive and concluding abilities are not tainted, then the problem starts there. If a man believes that the only “voices” he hears are his own, then waking up is the first order of business.

There is an enemy with a vested interest in building a man’s identity and life based on false assumptions and hand-me-down falsehoods. Forces are at work both for us and against us. It’s time we wake up, see, hear, and engage in training, and enter the Larger Story to reclaim our hearts and our true voice then our noble roles as men. In order to be uncompromising men, we must journey with God and explore what is noble and good within us—and what is not.

There is something very good God is after, someone he wants to see recovered. And when it is, a different Life emerges, a restored and free Life. It’s the one a man was meant to have, meant to live, and meant to share.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior.