What is it that a man reaches for to cope and find comfort? Maybe the better question is, what reaches for a man when he is hurting, angry, or overwhelmed? In order to be free, a man must take inventory of the “packages” that have accumulated in the secrecy of his heart.

What are they? How do the lies they contain shape so much of how a man thinks and what he does?

The question is never whether there are such packages; the question is only, how many are there and what are their results? Wounding has left broken pieces in every life story, and those pieces get carried forward by a boy who is trying his best to become a man. 

Take some time to grab a journal and walk with Jesus back into your own pain. Hold his hand as you search out the wounding packages. When did you receive them? What are the messages they contain? Here and now you can exchange them for healing.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior.