The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and he has anointed me to be hope for the poor, freedom for the brokenhearted, and new eyes for the blind, and to preach to prisoners. "You are set free!" I have come to share the message of Jubilee, for the time of God’s great acceptance has begun.


The gospel is about way more than just being forgiven for sin. Wonderful though that is, if we stop there, then we’re vastly short-selling the hugeness, the surpassing glory, of what God has accomplished through Jesus.

The gospel is about restoration, a future, and a hope.

For all you bottom-line guys, here is what the gospel in its fullness is about:

God calls us up to something much larger than we can imagine. He invites us to take a journey, a journey with him that will transform us as men. On it, we will discover that our mistakes were taken care of even before we made them. It is a journey in which our King, God himself, is continually guiding us, training us, equipping us, initiating us, validating us, and turning over the family business of his kingdom to us.

Such a King calls. Such a mission exists, and we are on it!

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior.