The flow of Life and love is hindered because the enemy’s lies hold a place in our hearts. This is not the way God intended us to live, and worse yet, good packages can’t get through to our heart because wounded packages occupy too much of the space.

There is only so much square footage in a man’s heart, not to mention kind and loving messages that often get misinterpreted by the old, conditional grid of, “If I do this, I get that …approval, acceptance, applause, or admiration,” or, “If I don’t do that, I get approval, acceptance, applause, or admiration.”

As a result, even the good packages are mishandled and feel either conditional or untrue and they then miss their mark of bestowing genuine love on a heart that is unable to recognize it as such. It’s sinister and brutal, a bondage to a system of lies that perpetuate more bondage and more lies, keeping a man both down and out.

But the good news is that a conditional grid can be exchanged for an unconditional grid that receives and gives love freely.

More accurately, it can be healed—and it must be if we are ever going to be men who know who we truly are.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior.