Getting a better understanding of our past sets us up for redemption and our next great step forward: moving into the critical healing and training we need as Beloved Sons. Once we see the lies we have lived under, we can invite Jesus to treat them. These wounded places foster false guilt, shame, and hatred toward ourselves, others, and ultimately, God. Again, these moments had lessons, we learned something from them.

Ask yourself, what wounding moments, and the false declarations that rise from them, stand in the way of your freedom? Of your becoming a Beloved Son? What heavy burdens might you be carrying in your heart that it’s high time you stopped toting around?

Speaking for myself, the fear of “not being enough” led me to the statement “I’ll show you.” Sometimes my false self expressed it in anger. At other times, it was more of a desperate plea: “I’ll show you I can. Please let me try. Choose me—give me another chance.” Either way, I would do anything to not ever feel or be rejected, whether it meant proving myself or pleading. Neither approach displayed my true self and it did not come from a settled heart.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior.