What does it mean to be oriented? An oriented man grounds his life and actions on three things: his identity, his environment, and his mission. He knows

  1. Who he is. In Christ, he is a Beloved Son of the Father. An oriented man finds his security and strength in that deep identity alone.
  2. Where he is. An oriented man has “eyes to see and ears to hear” what is going on around him. He is alert to the spiritual forces at work behind physical circumstances. He knows that he lives in a zone of ongoing conflict.
  3. The good that God is up to. An oriented man seeks to partner with his Father’s redemptive purposes. He looks for the good God is doing in his life and through his life, and he views his circumstances and “relationships with an awakened and engaged heart.

Over time, the oriented way of life leads to a more settled heart—a deeper stability that comes from ongoing experience. A settled heart (a man who has nothing to hide, prove, or fear) doesn’t come overnight. It is the result of discovering and rediscovering, time after time, the grace and effectiveness of walking with God and living an oriented life until that way of life becomes more than just an approach. Through deep renovation of the heart, you and I can become true men.

Make no mistake: training in the oriented life isn’t easy and is always in progress.

An excerpt from  The Heart of a Warrior.