Men do want and need a mission. Most Christian men have been taught over the past seventy-plus years to connect “mission” with the Great Commission. “Go and make disciples”—that’s the mission. 

But perhaps we’ve understood mission too narrowly. A sampling of “men on mission in the Bible” reveals:

  • a farmer told to build an ark
  • a shepherd commissioned by a burning bush to free a nation
  • a father, up in years, instructed to sacrifice his son
  • a boy sent to bring his soldier brothers their lunch who, in the process, slays a giant
  • a fisherman summoned to leave his nets and follow a teacher
  • a tax collector invited to push away from his ledger and follow the same teacher
  • a religious leader blinded in order to see

What are we to conclude? These men weren’t trying to create a mission. Heck, it doesn’t appear as if they were even looking for one! 

Try this: Missions find you.

You don’t have to find them. A man will have several missions in his lifetime. They are bigger than he knows and always have a purpose that includes both his heart and the hearts of others.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior. Learn more here.