Our churches’ typical method for dealing with men doesn’t produce engaged men, or trained men, or settled men. Instead, we arm men with a few Bible verses and a weekly speech. Then we send them off to a “life group” at someone’s home, where it’s assumed they will “connect” by talking about that week’s speech.

What so many men get out of all this is that they have to do better and do more. And that message is coming from what someone else is telling them about God, not from their own relationship with him.

The training they’re getting is for a domesticated life, not the adventure of personally walking with God.

Is that the best we can do? Because it is not what men dream about or hope for, if they still dream and hope at all.

Men deserve a better way. Men need a better way. Men need to be equipped, guided, and then deployed by God to remain in partnership with him, entering into battle for the hearts of others.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior.