Every wounded moment and its message comes with a “consent form” which I signed when I accepted the false message as if it were true. This “form,” the contract of my agreement, is what I can bring to God. I confess to him that I signed it, that I believed a lie. Then I repent, turn it in, and turn to him and ask him to heal my broken heart.

This is the great exchange: trading an old lying message for a new message that is good and true, one that comes from my Father’s heart to mine and allows me to take another step toward freedom. My Father invites me into this transaction as many times as my heart needs.

Often we don’t even recognize when we are practicing a harmful pattern; it has become so normal that we just don’t see what we don’t see. But when we do become aware of a particular wound, we can bring it to God.

We may not understand it—we just know that something hurts. And as we present it to Christ and walk with him in it, he brings understanding and healing. He shows us exactly what the wounding package was, who the enemy used to deliver it, when and how it arrived, and how we signed for it, giving it authority to block the flow of Life and love.

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior.