Now, if anyone is enfolded into Christ, he has become an entirely new creation. All that is related to the old order has vanished. Behold, everything is fresh and new.

2 Corinthians 5:17

If we could meet our flesh, our false self—if we could witness its constant unruliness and even play back an audio/video of its atrocities—we would be speechless. Appalled. If we truly saw it, we would go to extravagant measures to wrestle it back into its padded cell and make sure it stayed there.

Why would we feel that way?

Because the false self is not who we really are. Not if we’re in Christ. It ain’t you and it ain’t me, and it ain’t welcome to pose as us anytime, anywhere, and in any way! But keeping it locked down, unavailable for comment, will take some power and authority, some understanding and training.

Stop for a second and digest what you’ve just read. It’s just that critical. On our journey to freedom from the false self, a key guidepost is this: In order to discover who we truly are, we must discover who we aren’t.

Just as important as knowing who we aren’t is knowing who this Jesus truly is. It just makes sense. If we have Jesus wrong, how will we ever get us right? Think about it, if we’ve viewed life mostly through the eyes of the false self, then how likely are we to perceive anything and anyone accurately, including ourselves and especially Jesus, the One who came to set us free?

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior.