Every Warrior needs a cause and a king—something and someone much larger than himself, something he can fight for and someone he will fight with, because fight he must. The story we are living in is one of conflict, a war of epic proportions. The evidence of this is constant and painful.

Today’s news reminds us from page one to the last page, story after story, that something is wrong with our world. We all agree on this, but far too few of us know what the problem is. We want to be on the side of right and good, not caught in the middle or on the wrong side. But unless we become properly oriented, we will swing our swords at the air and even at each other while failing to recognize our true foe.

Because they are Beloved Sons, oriented men have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, and nothing to prove. How many men do you know who live like that? How many do you know who are strong and tender of heart? Good men, settled, free? What if we could be those men who live well, love well, and fight well as true peacekeepers? As Beloved Sons with Warrior Hearts loved by a glorious King and living with a great cause?

An excerpt from The Heart of a Warrior.