My journey has led me to the major presupposition that there is One who knows how to put life together. There is One who desires for us to recover from our loss and “lostness” and who longs to help. The proposal I want to make, and the invitation I need to offer, is that the Life we are looking for ... the Life that can be found ... and the Life we need to have recovered is somehow, someway connected to God. This Life is so significant, dramatic and stunningly central to our searching that, when found, it will change everything.

God wants to train our hearts and minds and prepare us for the Great Mission, which he has created us to fulfill. He invites us to let go of all we thought we knew and enter into training—training that prepares us for the Great Story in which we are already living.

Part of our training
 is getting our bearings and knowing what we’re searching for. We may be looking for a better job, for effective ways to raise our kids or for the secret to a better deal on that latest gadget we’ve seen on TV. But that is physical realm stuff—it isn’t what our hearts are longing for.

What we’re really searching for is far larger than anything this world is offering because we were made for far more than this world. When this life is over, it ain’t over. And what we’re all searching for is exactly what our Creator is offering.

An excerpt from Search and Rescue.