The branch and the vine, the clay and the potter, the servant and the master—there is a relationship not just between these things but also within these things. These are the metaphors used in scripture to give us a glimpse of our need for connectedness to God. Without the vine, the branch withers and dies; without the potter, the clay remains formless and without function; without the master, the servant has no purpose or guidance; without a son or a daughter, there is no father.

Jesus made these references to everyday relationships to bring some extraordinary spiritual truths down to earth for us. Paul, too, uses this method to unpack an important message in Ephesians 6 when he speaks about the armor of God. He paints the picture of the image of a warrior and outfits him with spiritual armor. Is there really spiritual armor? I believe that if you asked Paul, he would answer, "Are you kidding? Try to make it through this battle zone, through your search for Life, without it!" Don’t you dare go unarmed. Going into battle naked is a sure way to take some major hits. Look around ... casualties are everywhere! You need armor if you are in a war; in much the same way,

there is a vital connection between your life and protecting your heart.

You need a heart for life—both the blood-pumping muscle in your chest and the spiritual one that is the wellspring of true Life.

An excerpt from Search and Rescue.