It was truly amazing to discover the similarities between the physical and spiritual hearts. The physical heart is integral to a vital organ system, and many parts of this system must function in harmony in order to sustain life. Lungs, kidneys, stomach, brain, spinal cord—all the parts are important, and we see the same 
idea played out in our spiritual body through scripture. Our minds, our souls and our strength must work in harmony with our hearts to bring 
us spiritual health and life. The spiritual armor Paul speaks of is vital to protecting our spiritual bodies.

When you cut off a part of your body, or inhibit it or corrupt it, both the physical man and the spiritual man will function at a sub-par level. Just like the pumping of blood and its flow throughout our bodies depends on a good heart, we must have a healthy spiritual heart at our core to thrive in the Spiritual Realm. The irony is that we tend to give much more attention to our physical hearts that are winding down with every beat than we do to the spiritual heart that is eternal and the dwelling place of a Life that only gets better and better when we tend to it properly.

An excerpt from Search and Rescue.