I have to confess, for most of my life I looked at the Spiritual Realm as somewhere far, far away. It was around the bend of the next galaxy, somewhere just beyond the rainbow or at some safe distance from what we could humanly measure. It seemed invisible and therefore out of touch and out of reach.

The scriptures, though, don’t speak of the Spiritual Realm as somewhere else, far beyond the horizon, way up in the sky, over the rainbow or in galaxies far, far away. They teach that it is here with us, right in front of us, and even within you and me (Luke 17:21). The Bible offers again and again a topographical map of this most important realm with aerial views, crucial coordinates, and helpful directions—inviting us to see, hear and live ... well.

Scripture invites us to see from a new and specific perspective and then be equipped to live and walk in light of that perspective. This frame of reference doesn’t replace one realm with the other, but actually meshes the two.

An excerpt from Search and Rescue.