These ideas about the insignificance of our lives and our roles in this world have turned gloriously and powerfully redeemed people into passive, disengaged, acquiescing, faithless (practically speaking), disheartened individuals. It’s understandable. So often, the deepest desires of our hearts are discounted. We have been encouraged to wear this false cloak of humility, believing that there is no splendor, beauty, or weightiness to our lives—that the more we dislike our lives on this earth, the greater the degree of our servanthood and the greater the purity of our love for God.

So the (church) culture has gone from the mysterious-but-true glory of a person’s life to lifeless duty and function. It has gone from owning the splendor of one’s life and the world’s need of it to merely finding a task that “needs to be done” for God and making sure it is done with “excellence.” The first requires intimacy with God and your whole heart; the latter does not.