The Many Glorious Qualities of Our God

The Daily Orientation

Because God created us male and female, doesn’t it just make sense that our God has both masculine AND feminine qualities? All of these qualities are equally vital, weighty, and God-like in their essence. These qualities contribute to the fathering and mothering factions of the heart of God.

Men, you bear the image of God and reflect that image in so many glorious ways:

In both strength and kindness, tenderness and ferocity. In the Psalms, King David says, “You, Oh Lord, are strong, and You, Oh Lord, are kind.” Kindness and strength simultaneously reflect the heart of God.

And when talking about the heart of a woman, consider the deeply nurturing, fiercely tender, breathtakingly beautiful, feminine, warrior strong, mothering heart of God. Like a mama bear with her cubs, or a lioness with her young, both tender and fierce, protecting and providing.

An excerpt from The Deepening Weekend. Learn more here.