A King's Ring

A King's Ring - A Gift for Dads, Men and Fathers 

Every boy and girl, man and woman is asking ...

Do you see me? Am I strong? Am I beautiful? Can I come through? Do I have what it takes?

A Kings Ring is a symbol of a man who has steped up and in to the battle for His heart and the hearts of others.

The Symbolism of A King’s Ring

The Arc - The arc over the heart symbolizs the provision and
protection of God, which never fails to cover us.

The Heart - The Diamond Heart represents our hearts, which are
precious, beautiful, and to be cherished, like diamonds.

May your King’s Ring be a constant reminder whose you are, and to walk with God for both Wisdom and Revelation.

Please Note - We have sizes from 8-12.  Please email us at support@zoweh.org before you buy.  

Product Weight: 
12 oz
Product Dimensions: 
4 × 4 × 1 in