The Heart of a Warrior Encounter Digital Audio Pass 2019

The Heart of a Warrior Encounter Digital Audio Pass 2019

In this exclusive The Heart of a Warrior Encounter Digital Audio Pass you'll experience Michael Thompson and the Team at our annual conference in Goshen VA.  This is the full The Heart of a Warrior Encounter all on audio.  Like the men at the weekend, you are invited to time away with God that is so critical to healing, training… becoming more. 

You might use this Audio resource to remember your time at the weekend or take a small group through these 12 sessions.   

This experience has stirred my heart and fired me up to live in the BIG STORY… I want more of this! God wants more of me. Thank you for your hearts and your obedience to the call.


During these weekend we have three main objectives: help a man get his heart back, teach him how to fight and show him where the battles are. To see Christ come for a man’s heart and what God is up to in validating a man, initiating him and calling him into the larger story is truly a glorious thing. It is a fierce journey for every man, but one that desperately needs to be taken.

We invite you, your band of brothers, church or small group to join us in this Audio resources.  Want to connect with us as an Ally?  Email Greg Sailors at he and the Zoweh Allies team are ready to launch you, your ministry or church into more for the masculine heart.  Also check out our ALLIES PAGE  

Also, join us at the next The Heart of a Warrior Encoutner by going to our EVENTS PAGE

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