In every battle or adventure, there is a need for highly specialized tactical gear -- field manuals, portable food rations, navigation equipment, first aid kits, and more. This gear must be carefully crafted and closely inspected, to ensure safe usage in the field. Zoweh's Special Operations campaign is designed to fund high quality "survival gear" for the heart: resources and media to love hearts to life and take back lost ground from the kingdom of darkness. Our current Special Ops projects include King Me, an upcoming book for the men about the incredible journey every man is on to grow from a boy into a king, and The Rendezvous Project, a brand new video series for marriages, designed to invite couples into a space of deeper intimacy with God and with each other. If you have any questions, or to learn more, please email or call (919) 355-8520. Thank you for your generosity for the Kingdom.

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