Creating Environments for Transformation

First, we want to thank you for considering partnering with us for your event.  

Second, we ask you to be patient with us for the process and outcome of this exploration.  

Thirdly, while we would very much like to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes to us we have learned that walking with God, there are missions He wants us to step into and others He invites us to not.  

That being said, we do want to and will consider your invitation to partner with you for the hearts of others, to advance the Kingdom, and to enter into the battle for the heart… so much is on the line whether we partner with you or it is someone else’s turn. The Zoweh Allies is a very large and growing network of friends and if we aren’t able to share in your event, we might know someone can.

Please fill out the form below to get the process started. There will likely be a follow up conversation to understand more as well of share more of how we believe we are best suited to meet the opportunities that are right for our team.  

Thank you for all you do for the hearts of many and we look forward to walking with God with you for the Life of more.