Fellowships of the Heart

Redemptive Community, or Fellowships of the Heart...

  • Require a belief that the redeemed heart is good.
  • Require a person’s glory is pursued, not their sin.
  • Can’t be a substitute for God and what only He can provide.
  • Require personal intimacy with God.
  • Require acknowledgement that we are in a battle and have an enemy that opposes us.
  • Must be small.
  • Must be intimate.
  • Require a lifestyle where lives intersect and people live out their lives together—pray, play, worship, eat, share, and journey together. Intergenerational.
  • Can not be contained in a day, a time or a room.
  • Require the freedom for everyone to offer what they have. Everyone needs to contribute and be a participant. No one’s glory should be muted.
  • Offer safe and trusting place where deep places of the heart and soul can be touched.
  • Will be messy. Don’t avoid it.
  • Understand that change and disruption are necessary.
  • Must be missional. It is larger than itself.

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