Our Why?...  We believe that people were made for more than just trying to keep it all together and trying not to sin. We want to help people find more life, more love, and more freedom by exploring and experiencing intimacy, connectedness, and oneness with God.


To encourage the formation and growth of Redemptive Communities around the world—communities of men and women, image-bearers, that experience the life and love of God together.  Redemptive Communities share in the restoration of His Kingdom in one another and in the world in which they have their place.


To come alongside men, women, and couples one heart at a time, and love and encourage them in their journey with God, so they might truly experience who they are, where they are, and all the good He is up to in their lives—all critical ingredients to a life that is oriented to Jesus.


We value the full work of Christ as revealed in His life, ministry, and gift of healing, restoration, freedom, and life. We love to share with others the full work of Christ—His death, resurrection, and ascension—so they can experience the freedom and abundant life Jesus promised.


We believe that it is critical that we experience intimacy, oneness, and connectedness with God for ourselves first, before offering it to others. Only then, when our own hearts are cared for, will we be able to invite and affect healing, restoration, and joy in the lives of others. Ministry will be the fruit of lives that have been transformed, not the goal or objective of a workplace.