Ministry Overview

2004 - Zoweh (Life) is birthed in the hearts of Michael and Robin Thompson, Jay Stott, and Keith Daniel.

2005 - Formal movements and steps for vision, mission, purpose… for Zoweh logo, board and advisory team were accomplished. 501c3 application filed

2006 - Official 501c3 was granted and Zoweh Ministries Inc. in June. Michael and Robin Thompson become Directors full-time and voted into their roles in official capacity.  Our first Zoweh weekend events are offered, using mostly Ransomed Heart resources.

2007 - Zoweh Ministries grows into events, guided initiatives and small groups. First TOP GUN Men’s weekend event is offered in January.

2008 - A full year of ministry, events, challenges, and trials with building the organization's database and website, and fundraising. TOP GUN Men's weekend events offered in January and March.

2009 - Growing into our influence and impact. Preparations for the ongoing communication and invitation to those looking for Life through web and events. First Women’s Deepening Weekend is offered in May.

2010 - Received Mission Increase matching funds grant. Walk with God for the next steps of Intimacy with Him and others. Three part-time staff join the team—Graphics, Audio/Video, Web.  TOP GUN Men's weekend in March.

2011 - Implemented a strategic plan to direct our steps as we walk with Him. Michael’s first book, Search and Rescue: The Life and Love Looking For You is published. Partnered with Gary Barkalow and Noble Heart conference. Partnered with Ransomed Heart Advance Boot Camp in December.  The Deepening Weekend offered in September; Spring TOP GUN Men's weekend offered and Fall Search and Rescue conference offered.

2012 - Promoting Search and Rescue book. Challenging finances for ministry and team. Focus on Growing regional Allies and Partners in mission and ministry.  All conferences offered—TOP GUN, The Deepening Weekend, Rendezvous for couples.

2013 - Received second Mission Increase 50K matching funds grant. February, begin writing The Heart of a Warrior.  March TOP GUN. November Rendezvous Weekend offered to couples. December Zoweh Vision Dinner.

2014 - 350 men attend TOP GUN. July Michael turns 50 and Zoweh celebrates. September The Deepening Weekend and November Rendezvous weekend offered to couples. December we host first TOP GUN ADVANCE weekend for men.   

2015 - June, the second book, The Heart of a Warrior: Before You Can Become the Warrior, You Must Become The Beloved Son is published. The Heart of a Warrior book trailer is released and website is created at September The Heart of a Warrior DVD small group experience is filmed and produced.  November Rendezvous weekend offered to couples. December The Heart of a Warrior Journal Workbook is developed. September The Deepening Weekend for women is offered.  

2016 - January The Heart of a Warrior EXPEDITION Small Group DVD series is published. The Heart of a Warrior Journal Workbook is published. In September The Deepening Weekend offered to women. Scott & Sherry Jennings, Patrick & Jamie O’Bryan, and Greg & Kryssy Sailors commit to join Zoweh fulltime team.  November Rendezvous weekend offered to couples. December The Heart of a Warrior ADVANCE conference. Zoweh is 10 years old!!!

2017- The fruit of many years of labor is beginning to show. Redemptive Communities are budding all around the country as 300+ men’s groups have formed to explore The Heart of a Warrior materials—many from the ranks of The Heart of a Warrior Encounter weekend event alumni. March, Greg & Kryssy Sailors' family moved to Durham to join the Zoweh Team fulltime bringing their financial partners and allies. May first The Heart of a Warrior YouVersion Devotional was published. 5 devotional plans and 75,000 downloads later, God is moving hearts from devotional to The Heart of a Warrior book ownership. September The Deepening Weekend offered to women. October The Heart of a Warrior West held in Colorado. November Rendezvous weekend offered to couples. November new website launched. Rounding out the Zoweh fulltime team, in November/December, Scott & Sherry Jennings' family moved to the Durham area, bringing their financial partners and allies with them. 

2018- Zoweh's first Deeper Still Advance for the hearts of women is held in Boone, NC in January. The Heart of a Warrior Expedition is launched on Right Now Media! In March, a record breaking 408 men experienced The Heart of a Warrior Encounter in Goshen, VA. In September The Heart of a Warrior West held in Estes Park, Colorado. The Exploring More with Michael Thompson podcast premiered in May. Zoweh Outdoors Flyfishing Adventure held in May. Teton Adventure held in August. The Heart of a Warrior Advance held in December. Cole Philips joined the fulltime team.

2019- In March, a record breaking 421 men experienced The Heart of a Warrior Encounter in Goshen, VA. In September The Heart of a Warrior Encounter West will be in Buena Vista, CO and The Deepening Weekend will be in Weaverville, NC. Jeremiah Chapman and Christopher Matthews joined the fulltime team.