Individual Allies

We are well aware that many men are not seriously involved in a church or ministry, or they prefer to start a group outside of their church or ministry. So, we are more than willing to coach, partner, encourage, and/or train these men to come awake to who they are, where they are, and the good that God is up to in their lives.

As Allies, we desire to see hearts set free!!! We understand that we are stronger together. Our enemy despises fellowships of the hearts, Redemptive Community, and friends on mission together—he works hard to isolate us. Sadly, as in any war, we’ve seen our share of casualties … other ministry initiatives around the US taken out by the work of the enemy. Life is much better as a team sport, and we would count it an honor to align with you in your efforts to start a new Redemptive Community.

We have found that the best goal is not some elaborate ministry thing, but, rather intimacy! That is our first priority… your intimacy and connectedness with God. Ministry is not the goal… ministry is the fruit. We’d love to come along side you, pray, have a conversation, resource you, encourage you, and assist you to see hearts freed, engaged, and intimate with God.

In connecting with God and each other, we believe the fruit of our lives together can and will bring more healing and more hope to the hearts of others, and ALL in Jesus name! We would love to join you. Let’s start digging the next foxhole amidst the growing front-lines committed to intimacy with God and advancing the Kingdom.

As our friend Haines (one of our allies from The Barn) once said,

If you’re building a ministry, then you’ll probably be alright on your own... but if you are in a war, you better have friends and allies and know who they are.

Will you join us?

Become a Zoweh Ally

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