The Heart of a Warrior West Team

Welcome alumni men of The Heart of a Warrior Encounter, The Heart of a Warrior West, The Heart of a Warrior Advance, and Boot Camps!

The Heart of a Warrior West Guide Team invites you into the unique opportunity to join the front lines in the fight for the hearts of men at The Heart of a Warrior West September 12-15, 2019 at Young Life's Trail West in Buena Vista, Colorado on the following teams: the Medics, I-Team, Free Time, Outpost Store, and Registration. Each conference team member will have a primary role, as well as a secondary role, and will be offered a discount code to register. 

Please read these role descriptions, pray, and complete the application at the bottom of the page:

Resource Team - Help men find ammo and "uniforms" for their journeys. Be part of connecting hearts with the resources for the more God has for them after HWW. This is a very relational opportunity to man the Outpost, shaking hands and striking up short conversation at our resource tables during/around mealtimes and at registration. Requires Thursday 11AM arrival for 11:30 set up and training also three conference calls in the weeks leading up to the weekend and a short medic training. OutpostTeam will be housed together.

Registration Team - First Impressions! Be part of the critical first moments of the men's arrival. This role includes setting up, warmly greeting men, helping them shake the road dust from their boots (so to speak), checking the men in, and providing materials, housing assignments, and instructions for their entry into the weekend. Requires Thursday 11:30AM arrival. Registration Team will be housed together, or with other conference teams.

Free Time Team - Set an ADVENTureous environment where God arranges for a wild and daring time with His beloved warriors. This is a critical time where many men feel they can “try something” for the first time, take a safe risk, and be in God’s creation. Fathering men is the result of this team showing them how, making them feel safe, and encouraging them with the “atta boys” that all hearts desire.  This role involves assisting with one or more of the free-time activities being offered (clay shooting, archery, fishing, zip line, hiking, survival skills, ropes course, etc…). Requires Thursday 2PM arrival and 2 conference training calls leading up to the weekend. Free Time Team will be housed together, or with other conference teams.

Medic - Team members are assigned appointments to meet with/listen to and pray with men who request additional encouragement during free time on both Friday and Saturday. Most medics have two or three assigned appointments during the weekend. Requires that you have attended The Heart of a Warrior Advance, have a sincere desire to listen to a man's story and help him to hear from God; and Thursday 1:30-2:30PM arrival for 3PM meeting/training, attendance on two conference calls in the weeks leading up the weekend. Medic Team will be housed together.  

I-Team - Members begin meeting months before the event (via conference call) to begin praying over every aspect of the event. They also continue to pray during the event over each room, chair, bed, and talk throughout the entire weekend. Requirements: that you have attended two or more The Heart of a Warrior Encounters, The Heart of a Warrior Wests, The Heart of a Warrior Advance and Wednesday 5PM arrival. ITeam will be housed together.  

Are you a doctor, nurse, medical professional, or photographer, and interested in bringing your glory to the team? Email to learn more about these roles.

Questions? Please email Looking forward to stepping into this mission with you!

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