Welcome alumni men of The Heart of a Warrior Advance!

The Heart of a Warrior Allies Advance Guide Team invites you into the unique opportunity to join the front lines in the fight for the hearts of men at The Heart of a Warrior Allies Advance March 19-22, 2020 at Young Life's Rockbridge Alum Springs Camp in Goshen, Virginia as a Medic Guide with an additional role on the Kitchen Work Crew, Outpost, or Registration Team

As a Medic Guide, one of the most critical elements of the Allies Advance weekend is the deep and intimate conversations that take place among the men in small groups. Each small group is made up three attendees and one Medic Guide. The Medic Guide operates from his own deep connection with Jesus and utilizes all the Medic skills learned from his own personal journey with God, and the Father’s healing and training of his own heart. These skills focus on helping men hear from Jesus over and over again; and they invite, as well as point to, the Holy Spirit becoming their full-time Guide. The Medic Guide’s opinions, expertise, and experiences should become secondary to the leading and guiding of the Father, Son and Spirit. Attendance on two conference calls in the weeks leading up the weekend. Each Medic Guide will be housed with his group of men. Requires arrival for Wednesday 6PM; registration includes meals and accommodations Wednesday dinner- Sunday breakfast.

Please read these role descriptions, pray, and complete the application at the bottom of the page to apply to be a Medic Guide plus another role at The Heart of a Warrior Allies Advance:

Kitchen Work Crew - Connect with the men attending by setting the table...literally. Help prepare and serve meals, clear tables, and clean up kitchen after meals. 

Outpost Team - This is a very relational opportunity, as you help leaders find the resources they need for their own hearts and for the hearts of others. Redemptive Friendships is the goal. Requires a knowledge of the Zoweh Allies Movement, Zoweh resources (The Heart of a Warrior book, Journal Workbook, Expedition Video Series, 2 Year Battle Plan, Leader's Guide). 

Registration Team - First Impressions! Be part of the critical first moments of the men's arrival. This role includes setting up, warmly greeting men, helping them shake the road dust from their boots (so to speak), checking the men in, and providing materials, housing assignments, and instructions for their entry into the weekend.

Please select your FIRST preference, in addition to Medic Guide:
Please select your SECOND preference, in addition to Medic Guide. This MUST be different than your first choice.