Becoming a father is one of the most glorious roles and challenging adventures a man can take in his lifetime. As all good explorers know, you don’t set out on an adventure without making sure you are oriented, in good shape and have all your gear ready to go.

For Father’s Day this year, we want to equip and encourage dads in their incredible role in the Kingdom. We invite you to create a Father’s Day Kit – assemble encouragement, resources, “gear” for your adventure of fatherhood as you walk with God to discover how to take the next steps.  No matter where you are on the journey this landscape is always changing and always shifting, because our children are always moving!

Feel free to share your Father’s Day Kit or this email with friends, family, other dads or even your own dad!, and invite them to create one of their own.

Father's Day Kit

Zoweh's free kit includes the following resources:

  • The Daily Prayer (MP3 and PDF)
  • Fighting for the Hearts of Your Children (MP3)
  • Warfare and Training (MP3)
  • Basic Training Devotional (PDF)

Other FREE resources for your journey as a father

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Featured Resources for Father's day

The Heart of a Warrior
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The Heart of a Warrior by Michael Thompson
The Heart of a Warrior Bundle
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The Heart of a Warrior Bundle

The Heart of a Warrior Audio Book (MP3)

The Heart of a Warrior Audio Book
The Heart of a Warrior Laptop Bag Bundle - 25% Off
The Heart of a Warrior Laptop Bag Bundle

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