Father's Day

"A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet, one of the most valuable assets in our society." - Billy Graham

Father's Day 2019

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"What if you could be a man with Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Prove and Nothing to Fear?… You can!"
- Michael Thompson, The Heart of a Warrior

"What Wild at Heart was to this past generation, The Heart of a Warrior is for this generation!"
- Kevin Miles, Heart and Life Publishing

With more than 200,000 The Heart of a Warrior downloaded devotionals to date and nearly 1,900 RightNow Media subscribers engaged in the Expedition Video Series and 20,000 men absorbing the book The Heart of a Warrior, something significant is happening in the Kingdom for the hearts of men!  

We are Celebrating and Arming Fathers!  Happy Father’s Day!  As this important day approaches, we invite you to encourage and equip Dads for who they are and their mission in the Kingdom. Partner with us as we encourage fathers to lean into this most significant role of loving well. Invite dads to continue the healing and training of their hearts, so they can partner with God in the healing and training of their sons and daughters.

ONLY FOR FATHER’S DAY!  Give The Heart of a Warrior book as a gift for the men of your church, the men in your business, or men in your area of influence for the wholesale cost of $12 a book when buying 1 case or $10 a book when buying 3 cases or more plus tax & shipping when you purchase a case of 26 books or more!

Join the thousands of Men, Allies in the Kingdom, fighting to take back lost ground in their hearts and at the same time, altering their marriages and families … partnering with God to reclaim who they are, where they are.

For the Life, For the Mission,
Michael Thompson

"God desires to rebuild a man into something every man longs to be: strong, courageous, fierce and loving.  Deep down, every man longs to come through, to make a difference, to give his life to something greater than himself… a cause worth fighting for.  Every man has it in him to be a Beloved Son and then… a Warrior."

The Heart of a Warrior

"I hope to one day see the hearts of men so foundationally settled, so well trained, so well equipped and so well engaged that when evil dares raise it's head, beloved sons / warrior men will know what to do and do it well."

The Heart of a Warrior


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We all need a little encouragement... to be invited up and into more. Join us in arming, equipping, encouraging, and validating men; for inviting Fathers all over the country up and into more this Father’s Day.

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