Church Allies

Across our nation we are facing a crisis in masculinity. You don't have to look very far to find men who have checked out or walked away from their roles of leading and loving their families.

Just like we were for way too long, most men are disengaged, disillusioned, and disheartened; and while ministry programs offered some help and relief, it wasn’t enough and it wasn’t lasting.  Let’s not be “most men.”

In July of 2016, after almost 10 years in full-time pastoral ministry, my wife and I left our positions at a growing church in order to enter into the battle full time with Zoweh.

We know first-hand how difficult the job it is caring after and fighting for the hearts of others; isolation, surrounded by men but feeling completely alone. It's an awful place to be. And oh how the kingdom of darkness loves to use and take advantage of someone—especially a frontlines man who is lonely, bored, or isolated. 

Because of my experience, important to my heart’s mission with Zoweh is to pursue the hearts of pastors and church leaders. Isolation and loneliness can be overcome and defeated, and I want you to know you have allies.

More than anything else, we desire to know you, hear your stories, and come alongside you as you pursue Jesus and others. As our friend Haines once said,

If you’re building a ministry, then you’ll probably be alright on your own... but if you are in a war, you better have friends and allies and know who they are.

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