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Masculinity is in crisis. Men are targeted by a ruthless enemy and if they are casualties, if they are in trouble... if men are the problem today then we believe they can be the solution.

Many men are in trouble... they are the target of an enemy that want to see men disengaged, disillusioned, and disheartened. All to make it extremely difficult to see men step into their roles providers, protectors, leaders in their family and a presence in the church.  

We want to see men become more.  More oriented and more engaged, the men they long to be, the men God created them to be. 

What would marriages and churches look like, filled with men who were “fully alive”? 

Over the two decades of being on mission and in ministry to men our team has seen first hand the changes men experience when they encounter God’s fierce love and become beloved sons who know who they are, where they are , and the good God is up to in their lives. 

At almost every conference, retreat, and men’s initiative our team steps into, men walk up to us and say: “I really wish I could bring this home to my church!  How do I lead a group in this message?  I want to step into this mission for the hearts of men!"      

It would be our honor to partner with you and be allies in the war for the hearts of men! It is time to advance the Kingdom... one man at a time.

For the Life, For the Mission,
Michael Thompson

"God desires to rebuild a man into something every man longs to be: strong, courageous, fierce and loving.  Deep down, every man longs to come through, to make a difference, to give his life to something greater than himself… a cause worth fighting for.  Every man has it in him to be a Beloved Son and then… a Warrior."
The Heart of a Warrior

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We all need a little encouragement... to be invited up and into more. Join us in arming, equipping, encouraging, and validating men; for inviting Fathers all over the country up and into more.

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Download for FREE or pass along Fighting for the Hearts of Your Kids audio MP3 session from The Heart of a Warrior Encounter Weekend through Father's Day.  Also check out other free resources HERE.


Join churches and businesses from around the country who are taking advantage of the wholesale pricing on The Heart of a Warrior book to validate the men of their church for the role and mission of fighting for the hearts of their kids.


Men's Ministry Coaching/Small Group Launching

As allies, we love to partner, encourage, train, resource, and launch men and women in other churches/non-profit ministries who have come awake to who they are, where they are, and the good that God is up to in their lives. 

As Ministry Allies, we offer consulting to help you launch your God inspired initiatives, ministries, or small groups. Want to add retreats, adventures, or bonfires to your ministry? We can help. Our Allies Team would love to come along side you, pray, have a conversation, resource you, encourage you, know you and assist you to see hearts freed, engaged, and intimate with God.  Give Greg Sailors along with Jim Chenet and Jeremiah Chapman, an email!  We look forward to hearing from you!  


Testimonials from Readers,
Pastors and Men's Ministry Leaders

“As a men’s ministry leader for many years, I led guys through the Wild at Heart training 8 or 9 times. Comparatively, The Heart of a Warrior study seems even more intense and richer. It helped fine-tune my spiritual eyes and ears and drew me even closer to God. Strong, victorious churches REQUIRE strong, victorious men — on-fire Warriors. The Heart of the Warrior study can help men and churches move strategically and obediently in that (His) direction. So glad many men at our church recently went through this study.”

Thom Carter, Tennessee
Men’s Ministry Leader

“Having known, observed and worked along side Michael for many years, I can tell you that God has given him an important, accurate and gracious understanding of a man’s heart, role, and journey. Michael’s newest book, The Heart of a Warrior, is filled with profound insights and moving stories. Scripture says that “desire without knowledge is not good—how much more will hasty feet miss the way!” (Prov. 19:2) So many of us “miss the way” because we move without knowledge of God’s ways, the enemy’s ways, and the ways of the heart. Michael offers us orientation within the loving embrace of The Father."

Gary Barkalow, Colorado 
Author & Founder of The Noble Heart

“Abolitionist Frederick Douglass said, 'it's easier to build strong children that to restore broken men.'  Yet, the business of repairing the hearts of broken men is heavy at hand. Heart of Warrior is a crucial frame for the local church to endorse and usher men into becoming the beloved sons of Almighty God outside the church walls by the power of the Holy Spirit. As a pastor in the urban context, I understand the battle raging for our boys. I call all Pastors to get and give this book from my brother of more than two decades to every man in your congregation. It is biblically-based and laced with the Good News of captives being set free in Jesus' name.”

Rev. Keith Daniels, NC
Duke Chapel and City Well Church

"I believe what John Eldredge's Wild at Heart was to this past generation—over 4 million copies sold—The Heart of a Warrior will be to this generation."

Kevin Miles, Michigan
Heart and Life Publishing

"There is no greater gift for a man than to know how deeply loved he is by his heavenly father. The Heart of a Warrior is the perfect gift for the men of your church..."

Pastor Peter McDonald
Midway Baptist Church
Columbus, North Carolina

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