The Warrior's Heart

20 Years of Braveheart part 1 of 4

In May of 1995, a story written by Randal Wallace was brought to life on the big screen and unveiled in movie theaters across the globe. This month, 20 years later, the film, Braveheart ranks among one of the greatest films of all time. Like all great stories, it possesses all the essential ingredients we hold dear: love, adventure, inspiration, justice, friendship, family, betrayal, and the timeless essential ingredient of good verses evil, just to mention a few. The story, set in 13th Century Scotland, has stood the test of time and there are many good reasons.

Praying for, over, and against

We are turning into a very significant time of “organizing” our ministry.  As in most everything, the one constant is change.  Events on the calendar, registration process, effective receipting, helpful website, clarity of mission, unity among staff and team and in all… walking with God.  We endeavor to enjoy the very thing we hope to offer… intimacy and connectedness with God and with each other.  Again, in most everything, it sounds easier than it is.

If you're going through hell keep going 2 of 2

So, how do you get from trials and tribulations to joy?  How do you learn to overcome without being placed in a situation where overcoming is needed?  Pain in my life sure does get my attention.  Satan and the flesh try to drag my true self into a future that is being challenged, as if it wasn’t good, I’m on my own and the best remedy is to take matters into my own hands and make a better life for myself.


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