The Warrior's Heart

Honoring Story

I was at a conference this past weekend and one of the speakers, author & counselor Dan Allender, said…

With tragic stories, and everyone "is" one, don’t approach that person with mere curiosity. Take your shoes off... for you are on holy ground.

I first nodded in approval then the Holy Spirit brought a sweet conviction to me. “You don’t practice that as well as you could.” I explained to Him that I came by it rather naturally and I was sorry for how often and how quickly I can jump someone with advice. I’ve heard my friend and author, Gary Barkalow, say many times…

It's All Fragile

I was talking with a friend recently and they were sharing the life challenges they were facing. Day to day, I hear quite a few of these updates. From cancers to wayward teenagers, from marriages hanging by a thread to job searches and job losses, life circumstances change on a dime. Life is Fragile.

Every time I enter the post office to mail a package I am asked, “Anything fragile…?”

Though I often say, "No," I’ve come to silently reply, "yes… I am."

Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-30,

Mount Up!

There was a moment in the old westerns, a pivotal time in those stories, when the bad guys have crossed the line and the good guys have had enough. It is in those moments you heard the line, “Mount Up!” That is all that was said, and you knew as men got ready to ride it meant so much more. Watching this moment unfold, I would shift in my seat and get ready, time for a reckoning... the showdown was coming. And so it always is with good vs. evil. Our hearts know this. We believe... No, we count on the bad guys getting it in the end.

The Biblical Theology of the Heart: The Old Testament Prophets – Part 3 of 8

One of my favorite cable channels is the Discovery Channel.  It is a regular stop for me when I’m nosing around to see what is on or am taking a look at something I may want to record and watch later.  The shows and series touch a deep place in me.  A place of adventure and beauty (even if they are on a screen) and mystery.


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