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Going Back to Get Un-stuck

Because there were battles in our past that we didn’t know how to fight, and no one was there to step in and fight for us, the losses both small and great have had a cumulative effect. But we don’t go back in our stories to stay there stuck in some moment of our personal history. We go back in order to see it, understand what happened, exchange it and receive healing for brokenness and then move forward. It’s critical to find out because most men are stuck; they carry the past into the present as pieces of a wounded and unsettled heart.

Tending to the Heart

It was truly amazing to discover the similarities between the physical and spiritual hearts. The physical heart is integral to a vital organ system, and many parts of this system must function in harmony in order to sustain life. Lungs, kidneys, stomach, brain, spinal cord—all the parts are important, and we see the same 
idea played out in our spiritual body through scripture. Our minds, our souls and our strength must work in harmony with our hearts to bring 
us spiritual health and life. The spiritual armor Paul speaks of is vital to protecting our spiritual bodies.

Missions Find You

Men do want and need a mission. Most Christian men have been taught over the past seventy-plus years to connect “mission” with the Great Commission. “Go and make disciples”—that’s the mission. 

But perhaps we’ve understood mission too narrowly. A sampling of “men on mission in the Bible” reveals:

Wholehearted Warriors

In his book, The Heart of a Warrior, Michael lays out what this Warrior Training looks like. He wisely first implores us to stay connected to our King; union with our Father. Intimacy. Oneness. Connectedness. Union is the cornerstone, the priority, the vital source of which all-else flows. And it is just as true for the feminine heart.

I love Psalm 144:1-2,

Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge!

The Many Glorious Qualities of Our God

Because God created us male and female, doesn’t it just make sense that our God has both masculine AND feminine qualities? All of these qualities are equally vital, weighty, and God-like in their essence. These qualities contribute to the fathering and mothering factions of the heart of God.

Men, you bear the image of God and reflect that image in so many glorious ways:

In both strength and kindness, tenderness and ferocity. In the Psalms, King David says, “You, Oh Lord, are strong, and You, Oh Lord, are kind.” Kindness and strength simultaneously reflect the heart of God.

How Do You Uniquely Experience the Love of the Father?

My friend Scott experiences the love of the Father when God speaks to him in music, license plates, and ads in the newspaper (to mention just a few of the ways). Scott and I have a couple of worship songs we really like, and you wouldn’t believe how often Pandora or Sirius or XM radio play them when we are together. Call it coincidence, but Scott and I know better. These are love notes from our Father right to our hearts.


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