At Zoweh, we are proud to partner with churches and nonprofits around the world who want to create environments - safe houses, foxholes and outposts - where men can Rescue Hearts and Advance the Kingdom.

Take a look at these statistics from the Barna Research Group ...

  • 7% of the time the family gets saved if a child gets saved first
  • 17% of the time the family gets saved if a women gets saved first
  • 93% of the time the family gets saved if a man gets saved first

Why would we not make every effort to reach men?

Our Zoweh Allies Team is ready to walk with you and coach you in starting a small group - a The Heart of a Warrior Expedition Group for your friends, the men of your church, or co-workers. More than 60 new Expedition Groups launched all over the world in the spring and we hope to see hundreds more this fall.  

Here are the five things we believe you need to do to reach the men of your area right now:

  1. Pray about the invitation or culture you are offering and creating for men around you, and make any necessary changes to reach men where they are - we have to treat men like men.
  2. Talk with our Zoweh Allies Team. They are specialists at reaching the hearts of men around the world. Email
  3. Invite men through emails or texts to grow your friendships and to start a small group. Download Zoweh’s 2-Year Battle Plan. Fighting for the hearts of men, reforming the lines takes time.
  4. Guide men through The Heart of a Warrior book - use the promo code HEART5 to get $5 off.
  5. Come with your men to The Heart of a Warrior Encounter Heartland and The Heart of a Warrior Encounter West this summer and fall.