Recalibrate is back! September 21 at 8pm (EDT) on Zoom

Is there a difference in just doing what's required and experiencing what’s available? Let’s talk about it on tonight’s RECALIBRATE! Join us at 8pm (EDT).
Meeting ID: 898 1515 0321

Recalibrate: (v) to determine, check, or rectify; to calibrate something again, differently, or in a new way.

Zoweh Allies Recalibrate is a monthly Zoom space designed for men who are creating environments to rescue hearts and advance the kingdom through redemptive friendships. It is an “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17) environment of men from around the world where we “recalibrate” and find orientation together through the redemptive friendships we have and the truths of the kingdom God is teaching us! Come join us on Recalibrate!

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