Mission Statement:

The Zoweh Allies Gathering is a fellowship of hearts in a localized region gathering together for one evening with the mission of rescuing hearts and advancing the kingdom by connecting redemptive friendships to the boots on the ground and helping to identify leaders and launch new groups in that region.

The Invitation:

Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” -C. S. Lewis

Most of us would confess we don’t have enough good friends. Rescuing Hearts and Advancing The Kingdom through friendship is what the Zoweh Allies Gathering is all about! Join Michael Thompson, Greg Sailors, and Zoweh Allies from your area for Kingdom conversation and encouragement about removing anything that's in the way of receiving God's love, so we can reset and go back to the basics - friendship with God and each other!

Potential Schedule:

Below is the normal breakdown of the event schedule when the Gathering takes place on a Saturday.

Friday Night

  • Allies Leadership Celebration: invite all the Ally leaders from around the region to a holy smokes or bonfire or man feast type atmosphere with a great meal, advancing our friendships, strategic conversations and scheming together for the Kingdom!   


  • Breakfast with strategic ally
  • Coffee with strategic ally
  • Lunch with strategic ally
  • 3pm: All ally leaders meet
  • 4pm: Zoweh Allies Gathering - Games/Smokes/Conversations
  • 5:30pm: Meal
  • 6:30pm: Zoweh Allies Gathering Presentation
  • 8:30pm: Wrap up


  • Breakfast with strategic ally
  • Zoweh Allies Team divides up and preaches at as many churches as possible
  • Team lunch
  • Head home

Host Ally

One of the most important factors for the success of the Zoweh Allies Gatherings is the boots on the ground. These gatherings are not possible without you, your men, and the infrastructure of small groups that already exist and/or those that are about to launch. The primary objective of a Zoweh Allies Gathering is to connect men who are new to the message of life and freedom to those who are already walking in it, so we need oriented men to whom we can funnel new men. We desire strongly to see men find their fox holes, churches, communities, and brotherhood that will last a lifetime. At each gathering, we select a primary host ally who will help us coordinate small groups, gathering locations, and lodging for Zoweh Allies, in addition to strategically identifying local businesses, churches, and individuals who may sponsor the event and helping us to meet with other strategic allies while deployed.

How does it work financially?

Our heart is to make all Zoweh Allies Gatherings free for all participants. Nonetheless, there is cost involved when traveling around the country and hauling free books, gear, food, door prize and presentation items. To help cover these expenses, we invite local churches, nonprofits, and business leaders to split the cost with Zoweh to make the event free for attendees. We ask them to sponsor this event with a gift of $250, or more. If they'd like their logo to be represented on the advertisements and event handouts, we encourage them to email a .png version of their logo to our graphic designer. We also give registrants the opportunity to give a donation when they register, but it is not required.    

When a church, nonprofit, or business sponsors the event with a gift, they are giving back into the lives of the men of men in that local community. Their gifts will provide:

  • At least 50 copies of The Heart of a Warrior and Battle Plan (it will be more if we raise more $$ and need more books depending on attendance)
  • Celebration meal for Allies
  • Food and fellowship for the men at the event
  • Items to help if the event is outdoors, such as tent, heaters, chairs, etc.
  • Expenses for the Zoweh Team to be there

These events generally cost around $3500 - $5000, depending on the number of attendees.  At our last 3 events, we have averaged 175 men attending. Before COVID, we were seeing numbers closer to 400. 

Are you interested in hosting a Zoweh Allies Gathering?  Please contact us here and one of our Zoweh Allies Team will reach out to you soon.