A Biblical Theology of the Heart

A Biblical Theology of the Heart

What we believe matters... it has authority in our lives.  

This is why Jesus declared, Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32).   

Truth frees… Lies bind.

One of the most freeing biblical truths we have ever discovered and deeply believe is the truth that the redeemed heart of a believer in Jesus is good.  IF we are to love like Christ, live like Christ… be like Christ, then we are going to have to have the equipment to do so. It starts with a renewed “good" heart.   In Christ, no longer are we sinners saved by grace though that was/is a true statement. Amazingly, for all those who believe Jesus is who He says He is, we are changed, we are the beloved sons and daughters of the most High God come home and we are transformed at our core… transformed at the heart.

What you are invites you how to live.

What has taken place at the core of a human being when Christ Spirit comes to take up residence in the new holy of holies, the heart, is nothing short of spectacular, glorious and very, very strategic.  We invite you to read more, investigate more and discover more about The Biblical Theology of the Heart and why this is a fundamental belief crucial to taking your place in the Kingdom of God and playing the part uniquely created just for you!

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