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We have been give until July 1 to complete the matching funds grant.

Through the generous hearts of some key donors to Zoweh, a Matching Funds Grant has been established for up to $50,000 for new monthly donors, current monthly donors increasing and end of year financial contributions.

Here is How the Monthly Allies Matching Funds Grant Works; ALL NEW monthly Zoweh Allies or “current monthly donors” that increase their monthly contribution will be matched by the Zoweh Matching Funds Grant. For example. A new Zoweh Ally signing on through the website below for $100 a month would be matched for the year up front for $1,200. This helps Zoweh tremendously with current budget opportunities, as well as raises the level of base support for Zoweh going into the new year.

One-Time financial gifts, as well as Stock or other non-cash gifts (cars, property) donated will also be matched dollar for dollar. For Annual or One-Time gifts, type in your preferred amount online (leave the monthly box unchecked) and proceed through the online process. Please consider financial gifts of $1,000 or more be sent via a personal or business check to the address below in order to save on the credit card fees and so that more of your finanical support go to the mission and ministry.

Zoweh Ministries relies heavily on donor contributions. In an effort to recognize our donors and to reward you for your efforts, we have established the Zoweh Allies. By becoming an ally, you not only aid Zoweh, you step into a Kingdom role beyond measure. Please consider making a monthly donation at any of the levels below, and begin to enjoy the benefits of becoming one of Zoweh’s Allies.

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