Zoweh’s Statement of Faith

There is not enough space to put the creeds of the early church, the statements of the reformation, the messages of the major revivals, the things learned from vast missionary work over the centuries or the quotes of the many who led them, though you will find them smattered throughout the website pages. For those that go directly to pages like this we hope this collection speaks clearly to what our faith is and what it isn’t and help you form your opinions accurately. Our tenets will give you a good glimpse into the way we are choosing to live and work together in the mission God has called us to in the Larger Gospel.

The spirit of these tenants we have borrowed from our friends and allies at Ransomed Heart, who have borrowed from others as well. We offer them in hopes they may help you with understanding as they define us a bit more and invite you to see what we hold most true.

It’s a given that we can’t do it all. But we know what our part, our role/mission is, and upon that we focus our resources, plans and prayers. Because of our clarity and focus, we feel free to not be or not do that which is someone else’s mission in the Body. We are a Counseling and Discipleship centered ministry that works primarily with believers. The message we practice and teach is about the restoration of the heart, walking with God, understanding and experiencing the larger Gospel (life, freedom, restoration) and offering who you are to the world and others rather than going to the world and others to try to find out who you are.

Our events, resources, and ministry decisions have the goal of Irreversible change. It’s not only information and education, though that certainly happens, it’s not inspiration though that may be a result; it’s not encouragement though we hope that occurs. It’s irreversible change; the transformation of hearts and lives that we are hopeful for.

Early Celtic believers referred to the Holy Spirit as the “Wild Goose”, a name rightly describing the unfettered, free, and wild nature of God [John 3:8]. We submit our direction, hopes and decisions to God and listen for His affirmation or counter-intuitive direction.

As a ministry/organization we resist growing. We don’t want to be big, manage regional offices, have a legion of employees, a large building, multiple departments, and an overhead that we’re enslaved to. We would rather see others catch the vision of Redemptive Communities and carry it into their world as they walk with God. We will grow as God nudges us to grow. We plan to remain small, mobile, flexible, and intimate: tribal.

We view our development as an organization in stages: crawl, walk, and run. This assumes a progression over time that requires patience, anticipation, and dreaming/planning/hoping. We are not now, all that we will be.

Zoweh Ministries is led by a community of leaders sharing their gifts, perspectives, and the weight of their lives in a unified voice and direction. bullet-heart We live and work with the deep belief that our hearts are good. bullet-heart We are a New Covenant ministry that believes God’s promise to “take away our heart of stone” and to “give us a new heart” has been accomplished by the work of Jesus Christ. We have good hearts. We appeal to the deepest and truest parts of one’s being, believing that as a Christian, our deepest and truest desires are for that which is true, honorable, holy, good, pure, and beautiful.

We will care for our hearts and those of our family. We may say “No” to a genuine opportunity, believing it is necessary for our own intimate relationship with Christ, for those we love most, and for real life to flow from us. We want to give from abundance in Christ, not out of our desperation. We aspire to live and work using the wisdom we’ve gained and listening to God, who at times may guide us in counter-intuitive directions.

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.

Ephesians 1:17

All we have has been given to us as a gift from God: we remember this and pray that all our dealings with people, whether they be for us or against us, would be marked by genuine humility, love, and forgiveness.