Zoweh Ministries’ Calling and History

Zoweh is a Discipleship and Counseling Initiative that serves and functions as both a Medic Team (healing and care) and an Outpost (resources and materials) for people to know and experience the life God has for them. The context of our days could best be described as the greatest of love stories set in the midst of the fiercest of battles. We offer aid and supplies because we all need help.

2002 – Michael Thompson attends John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart’s Wild at Heart Boot Camp.

2003 – Robin Thompson attends Staci Eldredge and Ransomed Heart’s Captivating Weekend.

2004 – Birthed in the hearts of Michael and Robin, Jay Stott and Keith Daniel. 501c3 was granted and Zoweh Ministries, Inc. was official.

2005 – Formal movements and steps for vision, mission, purpose… our logo, board and advisory team were accomplished

2006 – Michael and Robin become Directors full-time and are voted into their roles in official capacity. Our first Zoweh Weekend Events are offered.

2007 – Function of Zoweh Ministries became clear in Small Groups, Events and Counseling initiatives

2008 – A year of wonderful ministry Events and challenges and trials with organizing the organization (database and web).

2009 – Growing into our influence and impact. Preparing for the communication and invitation to those looking for Life. TOP GUN Men’s Retreat and Women’s Deepening Weekends are established.

2010 – Walk with God for the next steps of Intimacy with Him and others.

2011 – More influence through the publishing of the book, Search and Rescue: The Life and Love that is Looking for You, by Zoweh Founder, Michael Thompson.

2014 – Michael’s second book, The Heart of a Warrior: Before You Can Become the Beloved Son, You Must Become the Warrior, is released.

2014 – After 7 years of the Zoweh Men’s Retreat, TOP GUN, and the release of the book, HW, the men’s weekend event is renamed and retooled The Heart of a Warrior Weekend.

Currently over 4,000 people have been impacted by Zoweh Ministries. We want to stay small organizationally and grow large missionally, helping others get their hearts back while not losing our own in the midst of a full and large mission.

We have and will continue to offer environments and relationships that will aid and abed others to walk with God, and connect them with still others who are walking with God so that they might walk with God together in Redemptive Community. It starts with the hearts of men and they take it home to their wives, and on that united front they will fight for the hearts of their children.

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