Events for Couples

Because your hearts and marriage matter to God, and because of your willingness to pursue more in your walk with Him as a couple, you are invited to join us for one of the year’s best weekends. A rendezvous of intimacy designed for you to get away together as a couple with God to explore the message of life and freedom, healing and restoration… together.

We all know far to well, marriage is hard. Walking together with God isn’t easy, and yet, that is what marriage is supposed to be… two people walking with God together. Sounds good on a flier or the cover of a book, but it may be the most fiercely opposed union on the planet. Why such opposition? Because it is also the most glorious union on the planet… God designed it that way from the beginning.

Come join us for a weekend that will offer more to your marriage than you can possibly imagine.

The agenda for the Rendezvous Weekend will consist of a few teaching sessions with some presentations, but much of the time will be for you to walk the beach, or sit on a balcony overlooking a mountain landscape, or enjoy one of the beautiful living rooms of the homes we will share, and talk with your closest ally and teammate, your spouse. There will be some great food and a great opportunity to advance friendships.

Upcoming Events:

The Rendezvous Weekend for Couples 2017

BOONE / BANNER ELK, NC – November 2-5, 2017