Epic Stories: Hearts Transformed

Keith’s Story of Life and Thanks

I enjoy a dubious distinction of being an original principle partner in the launch of Zoweh Ministries in the heart of Michael Thompson. I was introduced to Michael in the early 1990s during the peak of the Promise Keeper’s era. My colleague and football teammate, Anthony Dilweg, invited me to join a group of men […]

Fabricio & Emily’s Story of Life and Thanks

For years we had been dealing with the pain that came from a broken marriage, and for years, before and after trying to bring God into the marriage, we lived on the fence between two options of “live miserably together” and “separate and live miserably without each other”.   And then we met Michael and Robin […]

Scott’s Story of Life and Thanks

It was a Saturday morning, 20 years ago, in a gym that has since been torn down, during a pickup game of “used to be” basketball warriors that I first met Michael Thompson. My first impression was a good one, largely because he passed me the ball with the deftness of an accomplished point guard, […]